My ALL TIME Favorite Highlighters!!!

Hello my fellow art lovers!!  Today I wanted to share with you all some of my absolute favorite highlighters, called Zebra Mildliners!

DSC_1335Hence the name, these highlighters have mild colored inks that do not stand out as much as regular highlighters.  Now, if you have any social media, you probably know that these highlighters have been blowing up everywhere.  They’re amazing for taking notes and bullet journaling!  And I love the fact that they do not bleed through my notebooks.  Here’s a little swatch of all the pretty different colors!

DSC_1333 As a very aesthetics minded person, I love the way these markers look and feel.  Another cool thing about these markers, is that they are double sided!  One side, is a chisel tip, and the other is a finer tip.


If you get the value pack, it comes with three different sets of the markers!  Each set comes with a case which I love because they’re so durable.DSC_1328

Here are pictures of each sets individually.


Like I said earlier, these highlighters are great for taking notes!    I’m not the best note taker, but here are some of notes that I took for my science class this year!(Keep in mind that the last image was done with a combination of the mildliners and Crayola supertips.)




Well I hope that this was a helpful recommendation!  I know that I definitely enjoy using these markers to make note taking way more aesthetic and believe it or not, FUN!  Thank you so much for reading! (P.S I took all the pictures in this post outside:)  Should I do that more in the future? Comment down below what you think.)


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