DIY Art Decor Wall!!

Hello everybody!! I’m sorry that I’ve been so inactive on my blog lately😞. With summer coming up soon, I’ll definitely try to post more often. Without further ado, let’s get onto this post!!

Today I’ll be writing a tutorial on how to create your very own DIY Art decor Wall!!This is a great way to display your artwork, photography, or quotes that you love.

Materials you will need:

Pretty Clips! They don’t have to be exactly like the ones above.😉. You can also use washi tape as an alternative to the clips.

Markers! I used my Crayola Supertips. They’re not the best quality, but they’re really nice for how inexpensive they are👍🏻

A fine-liner or pen. I used a Faber-Castell fine-liner which so far, is my favorite!!

Scissors to cut the edges of your art.



White cardstock or photos

Alright now onto the DIY!!

1. Create some art! (Ideally 5-10 pieces). Here are some of my creations to give you ideas.

2. Trim it so that they are a preferable size😁

3. Find the perfect layout by laying all the pieces of art on the floor.

4. Hammer in the nails in the correct layout that you created earlier. If you are using washi tape, skip this step.

5. Clip the clips onto the art and hang them on the nails. If you are using washi tape, the stick the tape onto the art and hang them in the layout you created earlier.

YAY!! You’re finished!! Congratulations! Doesn’t look amazing?!

I hope you enjoyed creating this DIY. Let me know in the comments if you created it, and if you want to see more DIYs like this in the future.

Let your creative juices flow🌈


24 thoughts on “DIY Art Decor Wall!!

  1. Aloha Lindsay! How are you?? I miss u SO much! 😫 I absolutely LOVE your winter pictures! They are FANTASTIC! 😃😄👍🏻👌🏻 Keep doing the amazing work! You definitely have photography talent! 😊❤️❤️

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  2. Okay girly you are too artsy for your own good…
    Your room is so aesthetically pleasing to me!!! Once I clean my room you have to come over and tell me how to decorate pleeeeeease!!! ❤
    And I literally JUST tagged you for the TMI Tag 🙂 No pressure to do it, though!

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