Winter Photography!

YAY!!! It snowed!!! It’s ironic that it started on the first day of spring😂. Anyways, here are some photos that I’ve taken this morning. Hope you enjoy❤️❄️

Stay warm🙂


26 thoughts on “Winter Photography!

  1. Hey Lindsay! I miss you so much! ❤😞 All of your winter photographs are FANTASTIC! I am not lying! You definitely have photography talent there! Keep doing the amazing and awesome work! Love ya! ❤💙👍😃😊


      1. Toby is adorable…i lost my 2 Labradors and miss them dearly. Didn’t want anymore pets but God had other ideas. We rescued a stray kitty. The rescued kitty rescued a kitty. My husband rescued another kitty… We have 3 boys now and two cockatiels. Crochet is so easy…i do almost anything but crochet alot of hats for charity ♡♡♡

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      2. Awww…I’m so sorry for your loss❤️. Hahaha, that’s a lot of cats!!! That’s was so wonderful of you to rescue all three of them. I’m sure they all love you dearly. You seem like a very generous and thoughtful person!!! Thank you for all of your supportive comments!! They mean so much to me.

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  2. Cute photos, we’ve also had a lot of snow here its so ironic, hopefully that means a hotter summer or am I just wishful thinking? xxx


  3. So pretty!! It reminds me of when we went “ice skating” in your backyard 😛 We should go do that again lol…singing songs and twirling around….
    Lydia ❤

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